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Alcohol - A Disease?
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by Ahmed Deedat

Alcohol - A Disease?

If alcoholism is a disease then it is the only disease that

bulletis sold in bottles
bulletis advertised in newspapers, magazines, radios and television
bulletis contracted by the will of man
bullethas licensed outlets to spread it
bulletproduces revenue for the government
bulletbrings violent deaths on the highways
bullethas no germs or viral cause
bulletpropels one's health to self-destruction
bulletdestroys family life and increases crime.

  IT IS NOT A DISEASE - IT IS A SATAN'S HANDIWORK DON'T DRINK. Fire in your bellies! "Alcohol paralyses the senses, makes one lurch, and vomit, extinguishes the feeble glimmer of reason which flickers in our poor minds. It soon overcomes the strongest man, and turns him into a raging beast who with empurpled face and bloodshot eyes, bellows forth oaths and threats against his surroundings and insults imaginary enemies. Never in any animal species, not among pigs, nor jackals, nor donkeys, is such ignominy to be found. The ugliest thing in creation is the drunkard, a repulsive being, the sight of whom makes one ashamed to belong to the same living species." (Dr Charles Richet, Paris - Nobel Prize Winner of Physiology) "O ye who belive! Intoxicants and gambling...Are an abomination, - of Satan's handiwork: Shun such (abomination), That ye may prosper." - (Holy Quran 5:93) DON'T DRINK!