Islam-101, Mini Course, Unit I (Faith)

Concept of Worship in Islam

Test 2

This test is based on the second part, ritual worship, of the article, "Concept of Worship in Islam". This is a multiple choice test. Please select the best possible answer for each question. To answer, simply click on the radio button to the left of the choice. Once done, submit the test for a grade. It is suggested that you read the material before taking the test.

1. The Arabic term for daily prayers is (select one).

2. The Arabic term for charity required by the well-to-do Muslims is (select one).

3. The Arabic term for fasting is (select one).

4. The Arabic term for pilgrimage to Makkah is (select one).

5. The foremost ritual worship in Islam is (select one).

6. Salah

is the first practical manifestation of faith.

forms a basis for the success of believers.

prevents a Muslim from vices.

includes renewal of a Muslim's covenant with God.

all of the above.

7. The statement "Great care and punctuality in Salah cause salvation on the Day of Judgment." is based on

The Quran Hadith or saying of the Prophet

8. Refusal to pay Zakah by a well-to-do Muslim in a Muslim state is:

a sin a crime punishable by the Islamic state

both of the above neither of the above

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