Islam-101, Mini Course, Unit I (Faith)

Concept of Worship in Islam

Test 1

This test is based on the firstpart of the article, "Concept of Worship in Islam".This is a multiple choice test. Please select the best possibleanswer for each question. To answer, simply click on the radiobutton to the left of the choice. Once done, submit the test fora grade. It is suggested that you read the material before takingthe test.

1. Worship and obedience (known as Ibadah) in Islam includes everything except:

Five daily prayers


Giving charity

Social activities done according to Islamic principles

None of the above

2. The verse 2:177 states belief in Allah and these many other beliefs:

5 4 3 10

3. According to verse 2:177, God-fearing people spend their wealth on their families and other realtives and these many others:

3 4 5

4. The Prophet said,

"Seeking _____________ is a religious duty on every Muslim."

livelihood money spouse knowledge car

5. The statement, "Receiving your friend with a smile is a charity," is part of a saying of the Prophet.


No, but it is a verse in the Quran.

Yes, it is a verse in the Quran.


6. Islam is a way of life that regulates human life on these levels:

individual social economic political spiritual

all of the above

none of the above

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