Islam 101 Mini-Course

Introducing Islam - Test 3

This test is based onIntroducing Islam, Sections VII till the end of the article. Thisis a multiple choice test. Please select the best possible answerfor each question. To answer, simply click on the radio button tothe left of the choice. Once done, submit the test for a grade.It is suggested that you read the material before taking thetest.

1. To be a Muslim, it suffices to declare and believe in One God.

To be a Muslim, one must believe and declare his belief in One God and the prophethood of Muhammad.

2. Salat is Arabic name for prayers.

Every Muslim is expected to offer Salat five times daily.

All of the above.

None of the above.

3. Drinking of water is permitted during fasting.

The fasting month, Ramadan, comes in January each month.

Zakat is a required duty of every able Muslim.

All of the above.

None of the above.

4. Hajj is pilgrimage to Makkah.

Hajj is a once in life obligation for every able Muslim.

Hajj comemorates the trials of Hagar (second wife of Prophet Abraham) and her son Ishmael (first son of Abraham).

All of the above

none of the above.

5. A small quantity of beer which does not intoxicate a person, is permitted in Islam.

Drinking blood of a goat is allowed in Islamic diet.

A Muslim is allowed to eat Pepproni Pizza.

All of the above.

None of the above

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