Islam 101 Mini-Course

Introducing Islam - Test 2


This test is based onIntroducing Islam, Sections VI, Some Islamic Principles. This isa multiple choice test. Please select the best possible answerfor each question. To answer, simply click on the radio button tothe left of the choice. Once done, submit the test for a grade.It is suggested that you read the material before taking thetest.

1.     God is two in one or three in one.

        God is One and the Only One.

2. Since Prophet Muhammad was an Arab, Arab Muslims have special privileges in Islam.

Blacks are superior than whites.

Whites are superiors than blacks.

All of the above.

None of the above.

3. There is no difference between the basic message of Jesus and of Muhammad.

All Prophets of God were Muslims

Muhammad is the last Prophet of God, sent down with guidance for all mankind till the Day of Judgement.

All of the above.

None of the above.

4. The basic beliefs of a Muslim include:

bulletOne God
bulletDivine Books
bulletThe Day of Judgement and Life after Death



5. Islam believes in the concept of the "original sin."

Adam and Eve were sent down on earth as a punishment for their sin.

Eve was responsible for Adam's downfall.

Every person is born free of any sin.

None of the above

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